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James Laxer: 1941-2018

James Laxer: 1941-2018 MARCH 4, 2018 – The sudden and unexpected death of James Laxer has come as a shock to all whose political lives were shaped by the profound social movements of the 1960s and 1970s. Laxer’s generation emerged in the shadow of issues which will be familiar to readers of the Canadian Journal of Development Studies – U.S. militarism, Vietnam, Quebec’s not-so-quiet revolution, and apartheid in South Africa – issues which radicalized thousands. Laxer was one of the most prominent representatives of that generation. His role as a professor and author of some two-dozen books is well known,…

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Joining Empire

JANUARY 8, 2017 – For more than a generation, we have been witness to an increasingly interventionist and militarist foreign policy stance in Canada. Explaining this transformation is the first object of Jerome Klassen in his very useful contribution, Joining Empire: The Political Economy of the New Canadian Foreign Policy.[1] In the penultimate chapter, he directly engages with two of these new moments of Canadian militarism – Afghanistan and Haiti – and clearly documents Canada’s role as a middle imperialist power, using its military to project economic and geopolitical interests abroad.[2] The second – and closely related object of the…

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