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Curriculum Vitae

Paul Kellogg

Professor, Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies, Athabasca University

PhD – Queen’s University, Kingston – Political Studies: Comparative Politics, Canadian Politics (1991)

MA – York University, Toronto – Political Science: Political Theory, Canadian Politics (1986)

BA (Hons.) – Atkinson College, York University – Political Science (1985)


2018-present – Professor, Athabasca University
Faculty of Humanities and Social Science (FHSS), Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies (CIS), Master of Arts – Interdisciplinary Studies (MA-IS) Program

2017-2020 – Chair, Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies, Athabasca University

2013-2018 – Associate Professor, Athabasca University

2010-2013       Assistant Professor, Athabasca University

2008-2010       Assistant Professor, Trent University
Department of International Development Studies

2007-2010 – Tutor, Athabasca University
Centre for Global and Social Analysis, Centre for State and Legal Studies and Centre for Integrated Studies

2006-2007 – Teacher, French as a Second Language
Toronto District School Board

1996-2005 – Editor and Journalist, Toronto

1991-1995 – Lecturer and Course Director, Toronto Metropolitan University
School of Politics, Department of Public Administration.

1991 – Policy Officer, Government of Ontario, Cabinet Office
Automobile Insurance Review, Ministry of Financial Institutions

Research Affiliation

2014-present – Associate Professor (status only), University of Toronto: 2017-present – Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Department of Social Justice Education; 2014-2016 – Department of Political Science


2021 – “Truth Behind Bars”: Reflections on the Fate of the Russian Revolution. Edmonton: Athabasca University Press.
Winner 2023, Errol Sharpe Book Award, Society for Socialist Studies / La Société d’études socialistes
Shortlisted, Wallace K. Ferguson Prize 2022, Canadian Historical Association / Société historique du Canada

2015 – Escape from the Staple Trap: Canadian Political Economy After Left Nationalism. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Division.
Included in The Hill Times100 Best Political Books of 2015

Book – translation

2022 – World Bolshevism. By Iulii Osipovich Martov. Written in 1919, Russian-language edition published 1923. Republished in a new translation by Paul Kellogg and Mariya Melentyeva, with an introduction by Paul Kellogg. Edmonton: Athabasca University Press.

Chapters in Peer-Reviewed Books

2022 – “The Lost Voice of Iulii Martov.” In World Bolshevism, by Iulii Osipovich Martov, edited and introduced by Paul Kellogg. First complete English publication (written in 1919, published in 1923).Translated by Mariya Melentyeva and Paul Kellogg: 1-32. Edmonton: Athabasca University Press.

2021 – “Trade Policy in a world of protectionism and non-equivalent exchange.” In Pour une politique commerciale socialement responsable dans un contexte de tensions commerciales, edited by Éric Boulanger, Michèle Rioux et Sylvain Zini. 137-151. Québec: Presses de L’Université du Québec.

2020 – “Psychological Wage and the Trump Phenomenon.” In Challenging the Right, Augmenting the Left, edited by Robert Latham, A.T. Kingsmith, Niko Block and Julian von Bargen: 50-61. Halifax: Fernwood Publishing

2015 – “The Political Economy of Oil and Democracy in Venezuela and Alberta.” In Alberta Oil and the Decline of Democracy in Canada, edited by Meenal Shrivastava and Lorna Stefanick: 139-170. Edmonton: Athabasca University Press.
The Hill Times’ 100 Best Political Books of 2016” includes Alberta Oil and the Decline of Democracy in Canada

2013 – “From the Avro Arrow to Afghanistan: The Political Economy of Canada’s New Militarism.” In Empire’s Ally: Canadian Foreign Policy and the War in Afghanistan, edited by Greg Albo and Jerome Klassen, 181–210. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Division

2011 – “NAFTA Unplugged? Canada’s Three Economies and Free Trade with the EU.” In Europe, Canada and the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, edited by Kurt Hübner, 107–129. New York: Routledge

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

2022 – “Sexism and the Left: Case Studies in an Epistemology of Ignorance”. Co-authored with Dr. Abigail B. Bakan. Socialist Studies / Études Socialistes 16 (1):

2021 – “Canada’s National Questions, Free Trade and the Left.Socialist Studies / Études Socialistes 15 (1):

2019  – “Finding the Axis of Solidarity: Populist protectionism and the end of NAFTA.” Studies in Political Economy 100 (1): 65-81

2018 – “The Defeat of Stephen Harper: A Case Study in Social Movement Electoralism.” Journal of Canadian Studies. 52 (3): 591-623

2015 – “Prairie Capitalism Revisited: Canada, Bitumen and the ‘Resource Colony’ Question.” Journal of Canadian Studies 49 (3): 222-255

2015 – “Geographies of Capital Accumulation: Tracing the Emergence of Multi-polarity, 1980-2014. Theoretical Engagements in Geopolitical Economy, special issue of Research in Political Economy, 259-294. Recognized as “Outstanding Author Contribution” for Research in Political Economy in the 2016 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence

2013 – “Welfare State Vs. Warfare State: Toward a Comparative Political Economy of Militarism in Canada and the United States.” Political and Military Sociology: An Annual Review 41: 61–88

2013 – “German Capitalism and the Long Search for a ‘spatial Fix’.” International Journal of Management Concepts and Philosophy 7 (1): 13–30

2011 – “Workers Versus Austerity: The Origins of Ontario’s 1995-1998 ‘Days of Action’.” Socialist Studies / Études Socialistes 7 (1/2) (Spring/Fall): 116–140

2008 – “Of Nails and Needles/ A Reconsideration of the Political Economy of Canadian Trade.” Socialist Studies / Études Socialistes 4 (2) (Fall): 67–92

2008 – “The Only Hope of the Revolution Is the Crowd: The Limits of Žižek’s Leninism.” International Journal of Žižek Studies 2 (2)

2007 – “Regional Integration in Latin America: Dawn of an Alternative to Neoliberalism?New Political Science 29 (2): 187–209

2005 – “Kari Levitt and the Long Detour of Canadian Political Economy.” Studies in Political Economy 76 (Autumn): 31–60

Articles in Other Print Publications

2020 – “« Backlash » : comment l’ultra droite s’infiltre au sommet de l’État.” Nouveaux Cahiers du socialisme 23 (hiver): 21-25 (Quebec)

2020 – “Canada’s 2019 ElectionAgainst the Current 204, (January / February): 4-5 and 17

2018 – “Ruthless criticism of all that exists.” Against the Current 194, (May / June): 19-20

2017 – “Histoires et attentes à l’endroit de la démocratie au Canada.” Démocratie: entre dérives et recomposition: Nouveaux Cahiers du socialisme 17 (hiver): 16-25 (Quebec)

2010 – “‘Progressive’ Europe’s Reactionary Stew.” Relay 30 (Summer): 9–12. Also published as “Greek Crisis Reveals ‘Progressive’ Europe’s Reactionary Stew.” Links, May 2

2004 – “Contradictions of the American War Economy.” Socialist Studies Bulletin / Bulletin d’Études Socialistes 74 (Summer/Fall): 5–22

2003 – “The Mistaken Return to Left-nationalism.” Canadian Dimension 37 (2) (March-April): 32–33

2002 – “Further Debate on the Israel Lobby.” Canadian Dimension 36 (6) (November-December): 3

Review Articles

2017 – “Coalition building, Capitalism and War.” Review article of To the Masses: Proceedings of the Third Congress of the Communist International, 1921. Socialist Studies / Études Socialistes 12 (1) (Spring): 169-180

2013 – Review Article. Towards the United Front: Proceedings of the Fourth Congress of the Communist International. Socialist Studies / Études Socialistes 9 (1) (Spring): 176–191

2003 – “The Geo-economics of the New Great Game.” Review Article. Contemporary Politics 9 (1): 75–82

1988 – “Struggle, Consciousness and Politics.” Review Article. The Retreat From Class: A New True’ Socialism, by Ellen Meiksins Wood. New York: Schocken Books, 1986. Studies in Political Economy 25 (Spring): 193–200

Comments and Symposia

2020 – “Tribute to Mel Watkins.” Socialist Studies / Études Socialistes 14

2018 – “In memoriam / en mémoire: James Laxer, 1941-2018.” Canadian Journal of Development Studies / Revue canadienne d’études du développement 39 (2): 331-333.

2017 – “Rejoinder: Canadian Political Economy in the era of BREXIT and Trump.” Author’s Response to Symposium on Escape from the Staple Trap: Canadian Political Economy After Left Nationalism. Socialist Studies / Études Socialistes 12 (1) (Spring): 155-168

2016 – “The ideal immanent within the real.” On Peter Hudis’ Marx’s Concept of the Alternative to Capitalism.” Socialist Studies / Études Socialistes 11:1 (Winter): 227-236

2015 – “Contours of a multi-polar century.” Rethinking Marxism. Volume 27, Issue 4: 558-570

Encyclopaedia and Dictionary Entries

2014 – “Lenin.” In The Žižek Dictionary, edited by Rex Butler, 170-174. Durham: Acumen Publishing

2012 – “Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas.” In The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Globalization, edited by George Ritzer, I:116-121. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing Ltd

2012 – “Civil Society.” In The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Globalization, edited by George Ritzer, I:206-209. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing Ltd

2012 – “Union of South American Nations.” In The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Globalization, edited by George Ritzer, V:2058-2061. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing Ltd

Articles in Online Publications

2013 – “Tar Sands: Is Canada a ‘resource Colony’?” Climate & Capitalism, January 7

2012 – “Greece in the Eye of the Storm.” Links, November 18

2012 – “Are the Venezuelan people’s gains ‘solely because of oil’?Links, November 1

2012 – “Behind Bolivia’s Nationalization of Canadian Mine.” Climate & Capitalism, 5 September. Also published as “Bolivia: Who’s the Real ‘Outlaw’? Behind Bolivia’s Nationalisation of a Canadian Mine.” Links, 5 September; “Behind Bolivia’s Nationalization of Canadian Mine.” Bolivia Rising. September

2012 – “UNASUR and the Eurozone Crisis.” e-International Relations. August 30. Published in abridged form as “South America Shows Different Way from Euro Crisis.” GreenLeft, 9 September

2012 – “Alberta Election: Big Oil Defeats Big Oil.” Climate & Capitalism, 30 April. Also published as “Alberta Election – Party of Big Oil Defeats Party of Big Oil.” The Bullet No. 628, 4 May 4

2012 – “Britain: The Challenge of George Galloway’s ‘Bradford Spring’,” Links, 4 April

2012 – “Canada: Thomas Mulcair, the New Democratic Party and the Social Movements,” Links, 27 March

2011 – “United States: Debt crisis – the Issue is the War machine, not Welfare,” Links, 27 July

2011 – “Respect: Dudley Laws, 1934-2011.” X-Ray, Issue 19, 7 April

2010 – “Message to the US – Blame the wars, not China.” Links, 2 December. Also published as “Message to the U.S. – Blame the Wars, not China.” The Bullet No. 444, 23 December

2010 – “Ecuador, Venezuela: Danger South of the Border.”, 27 October. Also published as “Ecuador, Venezuela: Danger South of the Border.” Links, 26 October. Translated into Polish and published as “Ameryka Łacińska – Ich walka jest naszą walką.”, 12 December

2010 – “Currency Wars and the Privilege of Empire.” Links, 23 October

2010 – “Cochabamba: What Next?, 18 May

2010 – “Anti-Tory Then and Anti-Tory Now,” The Bullet, 14 May

2010 – “Slavoj Žižek’s Failed Encounter with Leninism.” Links. April

2009 – “Leninism: It’s not what you think,” Links, December

2008 – “Colombia Crisis Strengthens Venezuela, isolates U.S.,” Axis of Logic, 8 April

2008 – “Quebec: Breakthrough for Québec solidaire.” Links, 9 December; Also published as “Breakthrough for Québec solidaire.”, 12 December.       

2008 – “Crisis in Bolivia.” Bolivia Rising, 16 September

2008 – “Bolivia: Referendums of Reaction.” Bolivia Rising, 3 June; Also published as “Bolivia: Referendums of Reaction.” GreenLeft Weekly, 8 June

2008 – “Venezuela: The Spectre of Big Oil.”, 26 February

2008 – “Harper out of Ottawa, Canada out of Afghanistan,”, 6 December

2003 – “The Case for Internationalism: A Response to Hurtig, Laxer and Mathews,”, 30 September

2003 – “Why the Left Needs to Abandon Canadian Nationalism,”, 14 September

Book Reviews

2018 – Jerome Klassen. Joining Empire: The Political Economy of the New Canadian Foreign Policy. University of Toronto Press, 2014. Canadian Journal of Political Science 51 (2) (June): 472-474

2014 – Paul A.C. Koistinen. State of War: The Political Economy of American Warfare. Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 2012. Published in Political and Military Sociology: An Annual Review 42: 181-183

2013 – Vincent Kelly Pollard, ed. State Capitalism, Contentious Politics and Large-Scale Social Change. Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers, 2011. Published in Labour / Le Travail 72 (Fall/Automne): 411–413

2011 – Todd Gordon. Imperialist Canada. Winnipeg: Arbeiter Ring Publishing, 2010. Published in Socialist Studies / Études Socialistes 7 (1/2) (Spring/Fall): 350–353

2010 – Minqi Li. The Rise of China and the Demise of the Capitalist World Economy. London: Pluto Press, 2008. Published in Socialist Studies / Études Socialistes 6 (1) (Spring): 220–223

Professional Associations

2023-present – ASEEES – Association for Slavic, East European & Eurasian Studies

2022-present – CAS – Canadian Association of Slavists

2022-present – CAUS – Canadian Association of Ukrainian Studies

2021-present – CAWLS / ACETS– Canadian Association of Work and Labour Studies / Association canadienne d’études du travail et du syndicalisme

2015-present – CSN/REC – Canadian Studies Network / Réseau d’études canadiennes

2014-present – ISA – International Studies Association

2012-present – PPSA – Prairie Political Science Association

2010-2012 – BSA – British Sociological Association

2010-present – APSA – American Political Science Association

2010-present – IPSA – International Political Science Association

1993-present – SSS-SÉS – The Society for Socialist Studies / La Société d’études socialistes

1987-present – SQSP – Société québécoise de science politique

1987-present – CPSA/ACSP – Canadian Political Science Association / Association canadienne de science politique

Community Organizations (Current)

2018-present – TSCC 2455 Condominium, Board member

2015-present – TWUC – The Writers’ Union of Canada

2013-present   UJPO – United Jewish People’s Order

2009-present – AUFA – Athabasca University Faculty Association

2008-present – CFU/SCP – Canadian Freelance Union / Le Syndicat canadien des pigistes – UNIFOR

Community Organizations (Previous)

2018-2023 – Parkland Institute, Board member

2016-2018 – AUFA Constituency Representative

2008-2010 – TUFA (Trent University Faculty Association)

2007-2010 – CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees) Local 3911, Athabasca University

2007-2009 – OSSTF (Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation)

1992-1993 – YUFA (York University Faculty Association)

1991-1995 – CUEW (Canadian Union of Educational Workers) Local 4 (today CUPE 3904), Toronto Metropolitan University

1990 – CUEW Local 8 (today CUPE 3908), Trent University

1985-1987 – CUEW Local 3 (today CUPE 3903), York University

1980-1981– Organizing Committee member, GAIU Local 588 – Graphic Arts International Union (today International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Graphic Communications Conference), Reprographic Services, University of Ottawa / Université d’Ottawa